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Walter Myers is a native of Kansas. His formal education is in engineering and business. Following four years of duty with the U. S. Navy, he worked for the U.S. Government as an instructor and as a Systems Test Engineer at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland; as a Division Chief in the U.S. Army's Chaparral/Vulcan Project Manager's office in Washington, D.C.; as the Project Manager's Senior Staff Representative with the U.S. Army Air Defense Center and School, Fort Bliss, TX; and as Chief of the Plans and Programs Division of the General's Staff, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. Each of these positions involved planning and the application and management of resources used in executing plans.    

Myers returned to Kansas during the crest of the so called "FARM PROBLEM."  Suspecting the "PROBLEM" didn't lie on the farm, he began researching America's political and economic history.  Some of his more significant findings astounded him, angered him, made him determined to help restore lawful government and are provided as background information in To Tame a Tyrant.    

Myers’ private business interests have included rental properties, a speedway, flying (both as a commercial pilot and flight instructor), mining, farming and ranching. His hobbies have included hunting, fishing, scuba diving, camping and scouting.

You must be the change that you wish to see in the world. Gandhi

Only the conscientious and unified action of individual Americans can restore freedom. WLM

When confronted with truth, an honest person must act or cease to be honest. WLM

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