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Mission and Functions of the CNC

The CNC's mission is to develop the political clout needed to gain control of the Federal government by inspiring cooperation and coordination among individuals and organizations  concerned over America’s future. This clout will be used to restore honesty and integrity throughout America’s culture, including its governing institutions, in order to redirect the Nation’s course toward the constitution’s original intent.

The Mission of the National Leadership Team (NLT) is to provide voters a plan, writings and  communications system to aid them in "Taking America Back" (TAB) to its lawful foundation, to cooperate with the leaders of other organizations in implementing the plan, and to host national level Political Action Coordinating Conferences (PACCs).  See

The Mission of the National Implementation Team (NIT) is to execute the plan, policies, procedures, and programs established by the NLT in implementing the TAB plan.

The Mission of the Objective Pursuit Teams (OPTs) is to develop and coordinate the execution of plans designed to achieve their adopted/assigned objective that must be met in order to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution.

The Mission of the State, County, and Local (TAB) teams is to implement the strategies and tactics they develop, adopt or are assigned in support of the TAB and OPT plans and to do "whatever it takes" to TAB.

In addition to the specific functions described below, there are six general functions that need to be performed by every TAB team regardless of its level of operation. They are to be:
an educator to introduce people to the most important issues and objectives of our time and of the TAB plan;
2. a catalyst to inspire individuals and organizations to work together on selected actions to
an information clearing house for individuals and organizations sharing the goal and choosing to help achieve it;
a synchronizer to assure timely unity of action in order to optimize the effectiveness of all participating individuals and organizations;
a Communications Central to insure reliable, timely, and cost effective networking at all levels of government and a PACC sponsor/host. A communications system to help registrants locate and communicate with others in their county and state is available. People can register with it at

Functions of the NLT include coordinating development of the Take America Back plan; creating and staffing the NIT and national level OPTs; defining, in cooperation with other participating organizations, the concepts, policies, procedures and issues guiding the NIT and OPT efforts in implementing the plan; assisting the NIT in identifying and preparing needed written material directed at gaining the cooperation of individuals and organizations to help implement the plan; helping to raise funds to support the effort; timely acting on decision papers submitted to the NLT by the NIT and OPT team leaders; and to host semi-annual In Process Reviews (IPRs)/PACC s to assess progress, build support, and identify new problems perceived by networking organizations.

Functions of the NIT include - but are not limited to - creating and maintaining a web site, a communications system capable of reaching every team leader in the network within four hours, and a "speakers roster" consisting of people qualified to speak on behalf of the NIT on various issues and the overall plan to Take America Back; arranging for members of the speakers roster to appear on talk shows; coordinating the efforts of state, county, and local TAB teams; planning and coordinating national PACCs; developing, in cooperation with the OPT leaders, the strategies and tactics to be used in pursuit of their objectives; establishing a friendly media network and providing the media outlets newsworthy information; establish and maintain a data base of CNC affiliates,   maintain a list of nationwide organizations invited to help TAB and those accepting the invitation; and to assist in developing, distributing and implementing OPT plans.

OPT Functions include: preparing a detailed plan aimed at the timely and cost effective satisfaction of their particular objective; soliciting, in cooperation with all appropriate TAB teams, support for their plan; preparing pamphlets, web sites, media releases, fact sheets, and other items needed to educate and motivate people in support of the objective;

Local TAB teams are the most important element of the plan. If victory is to be, the local teams will be the victors. Every individual and organization helping Take America Back should encourage their contacts throughout the nation to join or create a local TAB team within their zip code area. The communications system at provides registrants the ability to locate and communicate with others in their county and state as an aid in developing the TAB team.

Local TAB team functions include being a "watch dog" over local government groups on behalf of their community, hosting PACCs, educating everyone in their local area on the issues causing 30 governors to allege that "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and this violated rights guaranteed the people," identifying and supporting qualified political candidates, determining if their local organizational leaders (especially their veteran, religious, law enforcement, and patriotic leaders) will help TAB and notifying their constituency of their decision,

County TAB Teams consist of an elected member from each local team in the county. Major functions include:

>  gaining control of political parties operating in their county by working with the local TAB teams to insure knowledgeable, constitutionally committed people hold precinct committee positions; (visit; 

> identifying a point of contact for each national OPT. This person will be responsible for implementation of the OPT's plan within the county;

> insuring a county resident is a member of each organization affiliating with the CNC who will be responsible for implementing the adopted organizations plan/program;

> insuring the County Commissioners and all law enforcement personnel in the county (military and civilian) know of America’s problem and how they can help to solve it;

> identifying Mobile Information/action Team volunteers and coordinating their efforts;

> identify a liaison for state and federal officials representing the county and invite them to discuss pertinent issues with the CNC teams in the County;

> coordinate the activities of all TAB teams in the County in the areas of education, voter registration, petition drives, vetting if candidates and related actions;

> maintain a library and make items available to interested parties;

> insure every Pastor in the county is invited to participate in local or county level sponsored PACCs and to assure their congregations know of their willingness (or lack thereof) to help TAB.

> establish and maintain a "toastmasters" roster.

Congressional District TAB Team functions include establishing and maintaining a working relationship with federal officials representing the district; determining the position of these officials on important issues, informing voters in the district of the position of their officials on important issues; insuring an honest, constitutionally committed congressional district candidate is on the ballot in each election; assisting the State level TAB team as needed and especially in the selection and support of candidates for State wide offices and the U.S. Senate; assist in the creation of County and local TAB teams in their district;

State TAB Team functions include sponsoring PACCs for the leaders of every state wide organization engaged in the political process; establishing and maintaining contact with the governor, the state's House and Senate leadership, Congressional representatives, the state leaders of other organizations and assuring all are invited to PACCs sponsored by the state TAB team; help to develop and implement the OPT plans needed in addressing issues peculiar to the state; help develop TAB teams in each of the states political precincts; coordinate statewide voter registration and petition drives; assure qualified individuals are on the ballot for statewide offices; and sponsor statewide rallies and demonstrations in support of TAB team objectives.


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