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Options and Meaningful Actions for TAB

Most Americans know they have a problem. It is people's failure (especially that of our elected and law enforcement officials) to abide by James 4:17 and do what's right. A result of this problem was cited by thirty governors on 11-22-94 who agreed: “Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people.”

Clearly, anarchists are unlawfully succeeding in transforming America's Constitutional REPUBLIC into a Socialist nation/state of the New World Order. Why have they succeeded? Because as the late Gov. Evan Mecham, Chairman of the Constitutionalist’s Networking Center often said: there’s been NO organized resistance!

Though thousands of organizations and millions of people are concerned over America’s future its transformation continues. Two primary reasons for this are:

1. most efforts directed at stopping the transformation are directed at symptoms of our problem and symptoms can’t be solved.

2. a lack of unity on meaningful actions. The effort to Take America Back (TAB) to its lawful foundation MUST include gaining control of the Federal government. Potentially viable options for doing so follow. Their implementation is contingent on unity on actions of common interest through a plan that will assure individuals and organizations retain their freedom to pursue their special interests.

The PURPOSE of government is to secure people's unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and an opportunity for Happiness. It's self evident that our elected officials have ignored this purpose and - in the words of President Clinton - have acted "to rein in the rights of the people.”  To restore lawful government voters must first gain control of it. Four peaceful options having the potential for doing so are:

 1. - Responsible adjudication of products from “runaway” (non government controlled) Grand Juries. America has become a lawless nation. Our Presidents, Congress and Supreme Court have not only abrogated some of their 17 delegated powers but also unlawfully extended their reach far beyond them. To date, no prosecutor has been found that has the integrity and courage to prosecute officials found guilty unconstitutional ‘Federal action" by a common law Grand jury authorized by the Bill of Rights; the reason being that these Grand juries were unlawfully declared obsolete in the 1946 changes to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. It’s therefore necessary for one or all of the following to occur.

   > state legislatures could recognize the change to the Federal Rules of Criminal procedure declaring common law grand juries to be obsolete unconstitutional, declare the change null and void and appoint special prosecutors to responsibly adjudicate carefully selected Grand Jury products.

   > a County Board of Supervisors or State legislature could formally appoint an ad hoc committee to  analyze the evidence that caused the Republican governors to make their allegation and to issue a report to the state legislature and a common law Grand Jury.

   >  a prosecutor willing to honor her/his oath could perhaps be located and a Grand Jury within her/his jurisdiction formed to examine the evidence in support of the governors allegation with the hope it would issue a Presentment or Indictment.

 2. elect a Constitutionally committed President. At  is a report issued by Mr. Nelson Hultberg covering this subject. Electing an honest President will require responsible vetting of candidates (see, substantial voter education, state action to assure the integrity of the ballot box, and access to public media outlets. This is a objective worth pursuing.

 3. States can use their lawful authority as Principals to the Constitution to assure compliance with it.  Many possible actions fall in this category.  Some highly important items are:

 > States must assure their continuation and that of the Constitution by rejecting calls for a Convention.

> States must use their powers of intercession and nullification to protect their citizens from unconstitutional “Federal actions,” declare each and every Act by the Federal government that is contrary to securing “the Blessings of  Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity” null and void, recognize their sovereignty under the 10th amendment, and demand the Federal government comply with the powers delegated to it under Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

> Assure a National Economic Recovery Program incorporating these six principles is pursued:

     * a return to a non interest bearing, non repayable medium of exchange meeting the spirit of Art. 1, Sec. 8:5 of the Constitution.

    * abolishment of the un payable debt resulting from our current unconstitutional monetary policy.

    * a return of the concentrated wealth resulting from unconstitutional acts to its producers.

    * reinstatement of the American System of Economic Independence.

    * a return to a tax system meeting constitutional intent.

    * assurance of American energy independence.

 States must act to assure any and all actions by the Federal government resulting in loss of National sovereignty be terminated.

 4. - a massive replacement of Congressional representatives which must include replacement of incumbent committee Chairpersons. This demands responsible vetting of candidates, state action to assure the integrity of the ballot box, recall of selected officials, cooperation from public access media outlets, and a massive education program by “we the concerned.”

 Two additional potentially viable but perhaps not peaceful options for gaining control of the Federal government are:

 > convince America’s law enforcement personnel to honor their oath, take control of government, assure America’s major media outlets cover our Nation’s true history and its transformation from a Constitutional Republic into a fascist state followed by new and fair elections. This could be the quickest and most efficient and effective option available IF enough law enforcement personnel can be convinced to honor their oath. For this option to be viable, state officials and local Take America Back (TAB) team members will need to visit with the Commanding Officers of military installations within their area, with senior military officials, and with local, county and state law enforcement officials in an effort to educate them on why their support is needed and to inspire them to honor their oath.

 > organization of and action by the Constitutionally authorized 2nd amendment militia. The Federal government failure to assure the existence of “A well regulated militia” dictates the states assume this responsibility. They should act accordingly.

 Regardless of the option(s) to be pursued, the effort to Take America Back will be contingent on:

a. retaining our States and the Constitution. There are existing threats against both.

b. gaining the support of a majority of our nation’s law enforcement personnel.

c. unity on a few meaningful actions by millions of Americans. Such unity can be realized by Americans “teaming up” in a manner similar to that described in The fulfillment of this team will require nationally recognized leadership that people such as Dr. Ben Carson, Mr. Andrew Napolitano, LTG. (rtd) Boykin, and Adm. (rtd) Lyons can provide and a multi-faceted communications system through which patriotic Americans can locate others of like mind and communicate. It’s urgent these needs be met for only then can we look forward to success.


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