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Summary of a plan dedicated to restoring lawful government

 Introduction - "When the British Captain of the SERAPIS suggested Admiral John Paul Jones surrender he replied by saying “I have not yet begun to fight!" So it is with America’s patriots. We have yet to agree our problem is the failure of people in general - and educators, the clergy, elected officials (past and present), law enforcement and media personnel in particular – to recognize the importance of James 4:17 and do what’s right. On 11/22/94 a result of our problem was identified by thirty governors who agreed Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated our Rights. Sadly, Americans have no widely accepted plan for correcting these unlawful acts; a recipe for disaster. Our history was characterized by POGO; “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

 Though millions of Americans and thousands of organizations have tried to unilaterally stop America’s destruction they’ve failed. WHY? Could it be America’s enemies are winning for “lack of an organized resistance” as the late Gov. Evan Mecham (R-AZ) often claimed while Chairman of the Constitutionalist’s Networking Center? The answer is an unequivocal YES. The result: we now have an illegitimate government supporting a financial/industrial cartel bent on creating a New World Order defined as “a world that has a supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order.” By definition this will be a global prison whose warden will be an Imperial Oligarchy!

America’s Constitution is the only bulwark between liberty and this global prison. To avoid it, patriotic Americans must “team up” to gain control of the Federal government and assure it acts to satisfy the pledge of the 30 governors “to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them by the Constitution;” an acceptable goal.


 > at least 5 million Americans know of the need to restore lawful government and will work together to do so if provided a viable plan and the leadership and tools needed to implement it.

> those responsible for drafting and promoting unconstitutional legislation designed to aid those seeking to establish the New World Order and those responsible for passing and/or perpetuating the illegal Acts are, according to Art III, Sec. 3 of the Constitution, guilty of adhering to America's enemies; an act of Treason.

If America is to be a lawful rather than a lawless nation, these criminals must be held accountable! It is the duty of the Constitutionally authorized militia and the men and women under oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to assure they are arrested and tried under the law via common law grand juries authorized by Art. V of the Bill of Rights.

> to restore lawful government Constitutionalists must gain control of it. Five “boxes” are available through which to peacefully do so; the “soap” and “mail” boxes to educate the public on how to efficiently and effectively use the Grand Jury, Petit Jury and ballot boxes. The only alternative is the cartridge box.

> the viability of the peaceful boxes is contingent on unity of action by millions of voters through a concept allowing unity on actions of common interest while assuring everyone retains their freedom to pursue their special interests and a yet to be developed communications system. 

 > realizing unity demands we the concerned have a plan as a failure to plan is a plan to fail.

 Important elements of a plan include:

  > a vision

 > identifying key items forming a foundation for unity of action including a clear goal.

 > identifying the major objectives lying on the goal’s critical path and ways to reach them.

 > outlining changes to government policies and procedures essential to satisfying the goal.            

 > a defined coordinating concept that will facilitate unity on actions of common interest while assuring those working together on such actions retain their freedom to pursue their special interests..  

 > an organizational structure and concept for communicating that will help create a movement. 

 > logistical considerations.

 > an outline of sequential actions needed to advance a plan’s development and implementation.


 Gaining control of the Federal government is contingent on individuals and organizations coalescing with one another to create a Take America Back team such as described at The team must be capable of fulfilling the cited mission and of holding wayward public officials accountable by rapidly recalling them, replacing them at the next election, exerting the political pressure needed to gain passage of essential legislation (especially that required to provide viability to the jury and ballot boxes and/or nullification of the 17th Amendment) and actions by our civilian and military law enforcement officials to assure the successful prosecution of those responsible for criminal Acts by government as we will either return to being a nation of laws or continue to be a lawless nation where politicians are involved.

 Foundation for unity - this demands agreement on some undisputable facts, a clear statement of America’s problem, and a goal which - if reached - would provide a solution to it.

   * undisputable facts - nine important facts are listed at

   * America’s problem - as previously stated.

   * Goal - the pledge of the thirty governors as cited above.

 Major objectives & essential changes required in government policies/procedures to restore lawful government.

 *Retain the Constitution for the United States of America and be sure it’s recognized as the Supreme Law of the land. *Inspire law enforcement personnel to honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. *Inspire a national repentance which must include incorporated businesses posing as "churches" to stop violating the first Commandment. *Gain control of the Federal government so needed changes can be made. *Assure states aren’t abolished through a Constitutional Convention or by being declared insolvent. *Re-establishing control of our destiny which demands terminating our membership in the United Nations and the FED’s ability to force us to use debt as a medium of exchange. *implement a six part National Economic Recovery Program designed to restore our nation’s economy. *assure voters can hold government officials accountable through the use of the common law Grand Juries authorized by the Bill of Rights and/or the ballot box. *A proposed list of changes are at 

 Coordinating concept -  A proven coordinating concept permitting unity on actions of common interest while assuring participants are free to pursue special interests is explained at

 Organizational structure - a proposed structure is available at

 Communications - it’s essential people have access to a communications system that will provide:

  * a National Leadership Team (NLT) and the plan’s National Implementation Team (NIT) the ability to rapidly reach every registrant in the system or selected subsets thereof.

  * the NIT and Local Area Security Teams (LAST) a way to rapidly reach all County Sheriffs or selected subsets thereof.

  * the Legislative Initiative Team and NIT the ability to rapidly reach all governors, members of Congress and state legislators (or subsets thereof based on geopolitical considerations).

  * a National Patriotic Media Team the means to rapidly provide information to all media outlets or subsets thereof that are willing to support the plan‘s implementation.

  * All registrants and local team members a way to quickly communicate with one another at the zip code, county and state level.

  * a capability to forward emails received through 'Outlook Express' or other sources.

  * a way to conduct a continuing educational program to registrants and the general public.

Such a system is urgently needed and if and when funds come available its development will have a high priority.  

  Priority Actions 

The # 1 priority is the formation of a National Leadership Team (NLT) composed of key Constitutionalists sharing the vision who, in the words of Medori Severi, “are willing to abandon our manifold private agendas and unite…” on meaningful actions leading to a common goal.

> The NLT must prepare or adopt a written plan designed to empower people in their effort to gain control of government and provide them the tools needed to do so which must include providing a communications system through which people can locate and communicate with others of like mind. Unless and until this happens business will continue as it has for the last 50 + years. The plan must include a description of the team required to execute the NLT's policies and procedures.

> identify a Comptroller to accept and disburse funds on behalf of the NLT. (completed)

> identify a webmaster to prepare and maintain web sites.

> identify a responsible Take America Back team coordinator in each state and county.

> Funds – These are needed to cover the start-up costs pending development of continuing pledges. Sustaining funds should come from a minimum of five million activists contributing an average of $.10/week (ten cents). This will adequately support the plan‘s implementation. A few "start up" funds are needed to:

  a. rebuild the National Leadership Team.

  b. develop or “fine tune” a plan, prioritize actions and objectives, identify individuals and/or organizations best able to fulfill each need or objective and the resources needed to pursue it. 

  c. lay out a time based PERT (Program Evaluation Review -Time) chart through which to integrate the various efforts and facilitate tracking progress. In Process Reviews will be held to evaluate progress and adjust the plan or its execution.  

  d. develop several Power Point Presentations tailored to specific audiences.

  e. purchase presentation equipment and cover expenses of “mobile information teams” responsible for educating local and county leaders, state legislators, pastors, veterans, and the general public in an effort to organize the teams described in


 A written plan is available for review and updating. A comptroller has been identified, the nucleus of several important Objective Pursuit Teams (Legislative Initiatives, Legal Initiatives; clergy education/inspiration, Local Area Security) exists. Most of the needed communications system is available. Draft Legislation designed to assure the integrity of the jury and ballot boxes exists. Draft pamphlets designed to educate and motivate the clergy, law enforcement personnel, America’s veterans, incumbent elected officials and general public are available and ready to be set up and printed.   

Major missing items are the previously mentioned national leadership team, webmaster, volunteers willing to provide local, county and state leadership, and start-up funds.   

 Unless and until at least a million Americans show they are sincere in wanting to try to help themselves and their posterity avoid the global prison called the New World Order there’s little more anyone can do to stop it. So PLEASE, as an interim measure, register with and urge your contacts to do likewise. If and when a system having the above described characteristics is available the registrations will be transferred to it.


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