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The Pyramid of Power

The pyramid shown below is an excellent depiction of the hierarchical economic/social system Americans live under. The system violates every precept upon which America was founded and couldn't exist if elected officials and law enforcement personnel would honor their oath of office which they fail to do for lack of knowledge, courage, and/or integrity. Why they support this system makes no sense for their families and posterity are also being enslaved along with the rest of us.
To restore lawful government Americans must control their destiny. The requires terminating our United Nations membership and instituting a National Economic Recovery Program that will: 1. return America to monetary, fiscal, and social policies meeting the intent of the Constitution which means stopping the FED from creating "money" (debt) from nothing. 2. Expunge most of our existing un payable public and private debt resulting from the current unconstitutional monetary policy and restructuring the remainder. 3. Return the wealth that's been stolen from its producers through current monetary and fiscal policies back to the wealth's producers. 4. Overhaul our tax laws. 5. Reinstate America's sovereignty and the American System of Economic Independence. 6. Implement a plan that will lead to America's energy independence.

President Kennedy said: “Those who make peaceful resolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Left unchanged the illegal acts of omission and commission by elected officials will make his words come true. How tragic and unnecessary!! Yet, appeals to state and federal legislators to nullify unlawful Acts and to restore the Republic are ignored. The only viable option for correcting these unlawful Acts appears to be via the militia authorized the Constitution working in cooperation with America’s law enforcement personnel.

The unity needed to inspire responsible action on highly important issues is contingent on millions of Americans "teaming up" to become an undeniable force. At is the suggested composition for such a team. The communications system housed at has been provided to help people locate and communicate with others of like mind within their zip code area, county, and state in order to create it. America's veterans should be instrumental in creating the team. They have the numbers, geographical distribution, leadership skills, access to facilities, community respect, and most importantly, the obligation to do so.


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