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Lawful government; a lost cause or restorable?

by Walter Myers, coordinator - RELIVING 1776 Initiative’s Take America Back (TAB) team       Author - To Tame a Tyrant.

First, let’s look at some facts. If you disagree with them read no further.

> The history of America’s Constitutionalist’s movement is one of failure by thousands of organizations and millions of individuals trying to unilaterally redirect America’s ‘ship of state'. This approach hasn’t worked and won’t work! The need is for unity on actions of mutual interest through a concept of operation that will assure everyone retains their freedom to pursue their special interests.

> Though most Americans agree "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people" as alleged by 30 Governors on 11/22/94, the people bent on destroying America’s culture and lawful form of government haven’t been deterred and are winning for lack of an organized resistance.

> America, whose lawful foundation is biblically inspired, has lost its moral compass and is now under judgment.

> a failure to plan is a plan to fail! Voters must begin with a plan built on solid principles and a concept fostering unity on meaningful actions of mutual interest in lieu of the many plans that are responsible for a lot of activity but little progress.

> Vital features of a sensible plan must include: 1. a listing of key items forming a foundation for unity; 2. a clearly stated GOAL; 3. identification of the major objectives lying on the goal’s critical path; 4. available options for gaining control of the Federal government and 5. a strategy and communications system allowing people to function as a team in pursuing actions of common interest while retaining their freedom to pursue their special interests.

   A Foundation for unity consists of agreement on a few essential truths and core beliefs, a clear statement of America’s problem, and a common goal. Following are those adopted by the CNC.

Essential truths and core beliefs - some follow. Others are at

> "Until we abandon our manifold private agendas and unite, we will merely be hapless observers standing at the bottom of a dark, deep pit, wistfully hoping to save the world, but really doing little more than breaking the fall of compatriots who are pushed in on top of us….;”   Medori Severi

> To be lawful government must be in compliance with the principles and policies set forth in the Declaration of Independence, original Constitution ratified on 9/17/1787 and Bill of Rights and all laws must support American's ability to enjoy their unalienable RIGHTS to Life, Liberty and opportunity to pursue Happiness; the purpose for which government was created.

> States created the federal government as their AGENT. As principals to the Constitution and under the Law of Agency, States possess the ultimate authority and responsibility for its proper interpretation and implementation and are crucial to restoring lawful government.

> The Constitution's 10th Amendment stating "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution .... are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" provides incontestable evidence that the only lawful powers of the Federal Government are those specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

> The U. S. Supreme Court was correct in saying:

  a. "This Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty" and “it would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who created the Constitution, let alone alien to our Constitutional history and tradition to construe Article 6 as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement without observing Constitutional prohibitions.” (Reid vs Covert)

  b. "a law repugnant to the Constitution is void." (Marbury vs Madison)

  c. "Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making legislation which would abrogate them." (Miranda vs Arizona)

America’s problem is the failure of its people (especially elected officials and America's military and civilian law enforcement personnel) to recognize the importance of and abide by James 4:17 saying to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

Major manifestations of this problem are: 1. America has been and continues to be deliberately, systematically, pervasively and unconstitutionally mismanaged on behalf of a financial/industrial cartel seeking a New World Order and 2. "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people"  as alleged by thirty governors.

Though spiritual in nature, America’s problem will only respond to a political solution and can’t be solved by only addressing its symptoms. The solution must begin with individual and a national repentance followed by responsible action from state legislatures.

Goal - The pledge by thirty Republican governors “To restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution”  is a satisfactory goal that should be shared by every patriotic American.

The 2nd step in restoring lawful government is to identify important objectives on the goal’s critical path. Highly important objectives are:

1. retain the Constitution - It must be protected from multiple threats including a Constitutional Convention and the dissolution of our states due to bankruptcy.

2. repentance - so long as Americans continue their wicked ways there’s little chance God will again bless America. This will require many lifestyle changes, not the least of which is to inspire incorporated churches having chosen a Secretary of State to be their creator (god) to un incorporate and comply with the first Commandment or for people to stop supporting these businesses.

3. gain the support of America's law enforcement personnel (military and civilian);

4. gain control of the Federal government. In theory, voters have six boxes and four options available through which to gain this control. 

5. register with the communications system (CS) at to facilitate creating the undeniable political force (team) described at that is needed to gain control of the Federal government.

Peacefully satisfying these objectives is contingent on:

> educating voters on the need to repent and to stop supporting incorporated “churches” (businesses) that are in defiance of the 1st Commandment.

> “we the concerned”  using the Constitution Club's communications system to create an undeniable political force.

> countering threats having potential to eliminate our states and existing Constitution.

> establishing a liaison with all law enforcement personnel in every level.

> restoring viability to the grand juries authorized by our Constitution’s 5th Amendment.

> assuring proper access to and the integrity of the ballot box.

> gaining control of significant political parties via the Precinct Project.  (

> getting states to recognize and exercise their lawful authority as Principals to the Constitution.

> identifying a source of funds  needed to support the effort to Take America Back to its lawful foundation and a comptroller to handle the funds.

> two million or more active voters helping to implement a plan to include contributing about $.10/week/person to cover the costs of its implementation.

Priority actions required of government must include:

> render State Dept. Publication 7277 calling for disarming Americans null and void.

> re-establish America’s sovereignty by terminating it’s unconstitutional affiliation with the United Nations (see PL 313 dated 4/14/1952) and rejecting several Treaties purported to lawfully merge America into the New World Order defined at

> repeal the Emergency Banking Act of 3-9-1933 that:

   a: converted Americans into enemies of the Federal government;

   b: permits the President to assume the role of a dictator and to rule by Executive Orders, signing statements, Presidential Decision Directives and other unconstitutional acts; and

   c: allegedly set aside our Constitution and placed America under maritime rule.

> recognize the fraud of the 14th and 17th amendments, correct the results of them, and assure their nullification.

> plan and implement a National Economic Recovery Program having these key caveats:

   * return to a non interest bearing, non repayable medium of exchange meeting the spirit of Art. 1, Sec. 8:5 of the Constitution.

   * abolish some and restructure the remaining un payable debt resulting from our current unconstitutional monetary policy.

   * return the concentrated wealth resulting from unconstitutional acts to its producers.

   * reinstatement of the American System of Economic Independence.

   * return to a tax system meeting constitutional intent.

   * institute a program leading to America’s energy independence.

> secure America’s borders and return illegal immigrants to their country of origin.

> overhaul many of America’s domestic and foreign policies.

> educate the public on significant facts supporting the Republican governors allegation.

> resurrect the militia authorized by the 2nd Amendment.

Available boxes for peacefully gaining control of the Federal government are the “soap” and mail boxes through which to educate voters on how to efficiently and effectively use the Grand Jury, Petit Jury and ballot boxes.

Options through which to gain control of the Federal government are:

1. election of a President and/or Congress having the knowledge, courage, and integrity to support the Constitution. This must include the replacement of incumbent committee chairpersons with Constitutionalists and is contingent on state action that will assure votes are counted as cast.

2. responsible adjudication of Grand Jury Presentments as authorized by Art. V of the Bill of Rights. See To view draft proposed bills regarding the integrity of the jury and ballot boxes go to and scroll down the list. The "jury box" option is presently unavailable due to common law grand juries being illegally declared obsolete via the 1946 changes in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. State action will be needed to restore their viability.

3. inspire State legislatures to use their lawful authority as Principals to the Constitution to assure compliance with it.

4. Nullification of the fraudulently introduced and adopted 17th Amendment.

Written information in support of these objectives has been prepared. It includes: information for educating law enforcement personnel (military and civilian), the clergy, veterans, and the general public; bills directed at assuring voters access to, and the integrity of, the jury and ballot boxes ( and; questionnaires designed to help educate candidates and elected officials and to determine their knowledge and willingness to honor their oath; information of importance to state officials and more.

Patriots must realize the cited goal will require ’teamwork’ by millions of Constitutionalists. A description of the needed team and its mission and functions are the subject of The legal and legislative Initiative teams are operational. The legislative team is coordinated by Sen. Don Rogers (R-CA). Creation of the entire TAB team is contingent on people’s willingness to accept the importance of planning and to act in accordance with the previously cited advice of Medori Severi.

COMMUNICATIONS; an essential element of success. Development of the needed TAB team is contingent on the availability of a communications system capable of providing:

1. A National Leadership Team and a plan’s National Implementation Team (NIT) the ability to rapidly communicate with everyone registered in the system or selected subsets thereof based on geo-political considerations.

2. the NIT and Local Area Security Team (LAST) the ability to rapidly reach all County Sheriffs or selected subsets thereof and LAST county coordinators.

3. the Legislative Initiative Team’s coordinator and NIT staff the ability to rapidly reach all governors and state legislators (or subsets thereof based on geopolitical considerations and/or a stated willingness to help implement the plan.

4. the National Patriotic Media Team and NIT the ability to quickly provide information to all media outlets or subsets thereof who are willing to support the Take America Back team's effort.

5. all registrants a way to quickly communicate with one another at the zip code, county, and/or state level.

6. a capability to forward emails received through Outlook Express or other sources.

Items 1, 5, and 6 are being satisfied with the communications system located at There is nothing to join nor any cost to register with the system. Please use it as it’s through this system that the needed TAB team will emerge.

Essential elements of a solution are:

> availability of a comprehensive and viable plan. A plan is available. It needs to be reviewed, ‘fine tuned,’ and adopted by truly concerned individuals and organizations whose only motivation is results.

> the communications system described above.

> a willingness on the part of millions of Americans to support a plan.

It’s at this point that the "rubber meets the road." Now that a communications system is available that allows registrants to locate and communicate with others within their county and state the question is: will concerned Americans do what's right, use it to “team up” in the interest of realizing unity on the few meaningful actions through which control of the Federal government can be achieved and financially support implementation of a plan (estimated cost = $.10/month/participant based on two million participants)?

It’s self evident there are enough concerned Americans to implement the plan. The challenge is to unify them on a few meaningful actions. At present, they are supporting hundreds of individuals and organizations addressing a symptom of America’s problem such as immigration, our monetary and/or fiscal policies, abortion, our right to ‘keep and bear arms’, our controlled media, etc. Unfortunately, they've failed to recognize two important facts: 1. symptoms can’t be solved; only problems; and 2. Knowledge without meaningful action doesn’t equal freedom! Only by gaining control of the Federal government will important symptoms of our problem be given their rightfully deserved attention.

Many individuals and organizations profess to be pro Constitution. Some are! Some aren’t! Those who are sincere should readily rally around a viable plan, unite on truly meaningful actions and help fund the plan‘s implementation. Others lack sincerity and are motivated by egos and/or money; including that derived from being a part of the controlled opposition. History shows many organizations were created to give people a ‘relief valve’ through which to vent their frustration and anger with government. With a little thought the reader should be able to identify many such organizations and avoid them.

A national conference among key leaders within the patriot movement is needed in an effort to satisfy the following purposes.

> augment the National Leadership Team with additional people willing to work with others in developing and executing a comprehensive action plan.

> identify individuals or organizations that can best fulfill each objective on the goal’s critical path and the resources they need to pursue it.

> lay out a PERT time network through which to integrate the various efforts and track progress. In Process Reviews would be held to make needed adjustments to the plan or its execution.

Since the CNC, Constitution Club and RELIVING 1776 teams don't have dues paying members their efforts have been and are being supported by those involved with them. This can't continue. If the TAB team is to be effective, a couple of million people will have to register with the Constitution Club, actively support a local and/or county or state TAB team, and contribute an average of $.10/week to fund the plan's implementation. Let's pray people respond to the need.


Walter Myers

Coordinator: 1776 Initiative’s TAB team (



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