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Hi, Neighbor from the desk of __________________

 Hi Neighbor:

I’m (we are) _________________________. I (We) live at __________________ in _______________. I (We) recently found that on 11-22-94 thirty governors alleged "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution, and thus violated rights guaranteed to the people" and pledged “to restore to the States and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed to them under the Constitution.”

In researching the allegation, I (we) was (were) shocked, disappointed, and angered to find it true. Our beloved Nation, birthed as a Constitutional Republic based upon Biblical principles for the purpose of securing for us our unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and opportunity to pursue happiness, has been unlawfully hijacked by corrupt and hypocritical politicians. Some important unconstitutional acts are at

In referring to the United Nations Charter in Senate testimony in 1955 Mr. Carl Rix summarized the death of our Constitution thusly: “Congress is no longer bound by its Constitutional system of delegated power. Congress may now legislate as an uninhibited body with no shackles of delegated powers under the Constitution. Our entire system of government of delegated powers of Congress has been changed to a system of un delegated powers without amendment (of the Constitution) by the people of the United States.”

Bottom line - Those we trusted to represent us pulled off a silent counter-revolution. We now live in a lawless nation so far as politicians are concerned under the 10 planks of the Communist manifesto and WILL, by acts of commission or omission, choose to live as slaves and commit our posterity to such a life or say enough is enough, unite, gain control of government and Take America Back (TAB) to its lawful foundation for the sake of the entire world.

If we are victorious, it will be through a team effort. (see The various teams described in the document are being formed. I (we) are forming a local TAB team and pray you will be part of it. We need to add our voice to the growing number of teams so we can do what we must do to Take America Back. For more information on why we must act and what we can do, please study these sites: and

In an effort to form a local TAB team I’m hosting a meeting on ________ at ___________. I hope you will attend to learn about the need to TAB, the plan for doing so, and how you can help. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. If you wish to help create the needed team please register with This will allow you to locate and communicate with others in our county and state and to receive suggestions from others.

In God and Country,

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