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__________COUNTY RESOLUTION #__________

Whereas on November 22, 1994, thirty incumbent Republican governors unanimously adopted the Williamsburg Resolve in which they alleged "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated Rights guaranteed the people" and

Whereas to have a LAWFUL government of, by and for the people it's necessary the policies and procedures found in our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights be recognized as the Supreme Law of our land and honored and obeyed by those in positions of public trust, and

Whereas Title 18 of the U. S. Criminal Code contains several laws designed to protect the Rights secured for citizens of the united States by their Constitution by making it a crime for anyone - including Federal officials, to engage in acts of sedition, subversion, rebellion, insurrection, depriving citizens of their rights under the color of law and treason, and

Whereas to protect the Supreme Laws of our land from anarchy by those in the Federal government, it's both urgent and necessary for the governed and the elected and appointed officials of state and local governments to insure the unbiased and just application of our nation's laws designed to prevent anarchy, and

Whereas, if the Republican governors allegation is true, the Federal officials responsible for taking and/or perpetuating the unconstitutional "Federal action" have engaged in criminal activity and must be held accountable if America is to be a nation of laws rather than a lawless nation,

BE IT RESOLVED: the commissioners of___________County, State of__________.hereby direct :

1. an ad-hoc committee, composed of a randomly selected voter from each of the counties political party districts be created to hold open hearings and investigations into the governors allegation to:

A. Determine if the Republican governorís allegation is true.

B. Identify the most important and damaging "Federal actions" if the allegation is found to be true.

C. Establish what, if any, action is being taken by our State and Federal officials to correct the most important of the "Federal actions" found to exceed Constitutional limits.

D. Establish what, if any action is being taken to equitably and justly apply the laws designed to pro≠tect the individual Rights secured for Americans by their Constitution and Bill of Rights and if it is found no corrective action is being taken, to suggest a course of action to do so.

  2. The ad hoc committee provide this Commission a monthly summary of its activities and findings and a final report.

    3. Should the ad-hoc committee find the governorís allegation to be true, we further direct the county administrator provide each County Commission in this State and our State's governor, Attorney General, and legislative leadership with copies of the committees report(s) and an invitation to meet with the members of this County Commission for the purpose of planning a course of action to insure correction of any "Federal action" found to exceed the clear bounds of Federal authority under the Constitution.      

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Commission authorizes the expenditure of S_______ to fund the above described effort; the use of said expenditures to include the costs associated with importing any expert witnesses needed to satisfy the intent of this Resolution.


Signed by _____________________ on behalf of the Commissioners of _________________ County, State of________.



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