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Welcome to The Constitutionalist's Networking Center (CNC); an organization created for these primary reasons.

 #1 - The Constitutional Republic created by America’s founders is morally, institutionally, philosophically, and financially broke. An illegal silent revolution has transformed America into a Nation-State of Global governance! Americans will, by acts of omission or commission, collectively choose to live under a New World Order characterized by socialism as slaves and forever commit their posterity to such a life or unite in spirit and action, reclaim control of government and set about restoring their Biblically based, lawfully constituted government.

 #2 - The politicians governing Americans no longer recognize the principles and procedures cited in America’s organic Constitution (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights) as the Supreme law of the land. Anarchy rules! Government is now controlled by an unseen hand bent on installing fascism throughout the world; fascism being a political philosophy stressing the primacy and glory of the state, unquestioning obedience to it, subordination of individual will to the state's authority, and harsh suppression of dissent.

 #3 - The most plausible peaceful solution to our problem is for Americans to accept and heed Medori Severi’s advice saying: "until we abandon our manifold private agendas and unite, we will merely be hapless observers standing at the bottom of a dark, deep pit, wistfully hoping to save the world, but really doing little more than breaking the fall of compatriots who are pushed in on top of us. Only by uniting in a common effort devoid of subjective paradigms will we be able to mold the human spirit upon which we may ascend to freedom"  and to unite with the intent of convincing law enforcement personnel to hold the criminals posing as elected officials accountable.

 #4 - Thousands of organizations and millions of individuals have tried to unilaterally redirect the course of America’s “Ship of State” to no avail. By honoring Mr. Severi’s advice and working together under a plan providing for unity of spirit and on actions of common interest without diminishing their ability to pursue their special interests Americans can generate the clout needed to Take America Back.

 The CNC was created for the purposes of providing:

1.   patriotic Americans a plan through which they could enjoy the benefits of unity of spirit and on actions of common interest without diminishing their ability to pursue their special interests.

2.   the tools and writings needed to become an undeniable political force capable of inspiring responsible action by those representing Americans in some capacity.

3.   oversight in implementing the plan. 

Important CNC responsibilities include getting people to recognize:

  > America’s real problem;

  > the most damaging result of this problem;

  > that no problem can be solved by only addressing its symptoms;

  > the value of planning one's work and working the plan;

  > energized and committed people working together under a common plan on issues and actions of common interest can gain control of government without anyone relinquishing their sovereignty and independence to pursue the special interests.

AMERICA'S MOST SIGNIFICANT PROBLEM is people’s failure to acknowledge the importance of – and to comply with James 4:17 that says he that knoweth to do right and doeth it not to him it is sin.

 THE MOST SIGNIFICANT RESULT OF THIS PROBLEM is the deliberate, systematic, pervasive and unconstitutional mismanagement of America for the benefit of a global financial/industrial cartel. The issue isn’t about left vs. right or conservative vs. liberal! It's about freedom vs. tyranny! Through a carefully constructed plan supported by those believing in liberty and the application of the sacred principles, policies and procedures set forth in our nation's founding documents, we can Take America Back!

 THE CNC’s CHALLENGE is to convince the leaders of existing professed pro Constitution organizations that they can, and in the interest of all mankind must work with one another to build the team needed to TAB or, to convince individual Americans they must abandon the organizations refusing to help build the needed TAB team in favor of those who are helping to build it.

 THE NEEDED TAB TEAM is described in Please study it and accept responsibility for one of its missions or functions. Pending the availability of the communications system described in you are urged to study, register with, and suggest your contacts do the same.


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