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The proper flow of power under our lawful government was from God, through man (His creation), through the states (mans creation), through the Constitution (the states creation) to the Federal government created by the first three articles of the Constitution. Each of our 50 states entered the union on an equal footing with the original thirteen states that ratified the original document. As such, each state is a principal to the Constitution and under the law of agency, each has a responsibility and more importantly, the duty and authority, to insure the Constitution is properly interpreted and implemented, It is vitally important that those wishing to return government to within the limits prescribed by the Constitution understand, and be prepared to defend this fact.

Unfortunately, "We the people" (voters), due to a lack of knowledge, apathy, and reasons only known to each individual have placed our trust in too many people who, for the same reasons and an insatiable appetite for fame and money, allowed those in the Federal government to clearly exceed its lawful authority. In recognition of this fact, Thirty Republican Governors agreed on 11-22-94 that: "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people. The government of ‘limited, delegated powers’ envisioned by the framers has become a government of virtually unlimited power." And though the governors pledged "to restore to the states and the people the freedoms and prerogatives guaranteed them under the Constitution," the solutions they proposed made it clear that they had no intention of carrying out this pledge.

We who seek to live under a lawful government have but six boxes through which we can Take America Back. Of them, two are passive and can only be used to educate others; these being the "soapbox" and the mailbox. Of the four active boxes, the bullet box could only be of value if and when America’s law enforcement personnel, both military and civilian, decide to honor their oath of office. The three remaining active boxes employ our most valuable possession; Our Vote.  Visit our Vote and the Jury Boxes discussion pages which address their importance to the American people.

In theory, it is through the ballot box that we elect people to represent us at all levels of government. In practice, the theory falls apart due to computerized voting. An affiliate of the original CNC; Jim Collier who, along with his brother Ken wrote: "VOTESCAM: THE STEALING OF AMERICA" wherein they proved we cannot afford to permit computerized vote counting. Therefore, it is both urgent and necessary that action be taken to assure that each and every vote is counted as cast.

At and you will find draft proposed bills that need to be passed by every state legislature.

To help Restore the Republic please register with When a needed communications system is ready that will permit you to locate and communicate with like minded people in your zip code area, county and state your registration will be transferred to the new system. Though not a requirement to register please consider contributing $.50 or $1.00 to the wealth money group to help with the cost of pursuing our Republics restoration.


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